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Digital Signage Solution is the use of digitally powered signs such as plasma display panels, liquid crystal displays (LCDs), kiosk stations, and computer monitors to replace and enhance traditional media.

Digital signage is new media and has much more in common with the web than the static sign that it replaces. Digital display networks get the message across in a way that static posters and billboards never could. Large, flat panel, plasmas and LCD screens are now everywhere, and they are grabbing advertising share from more traditional forms of advertising.

Advertising in the too-much-information age
The information age has changed market demographics and consumer behavior. Consumers have learned to block, ignore, or fast forward past advertisements. The power of television advertising is declining. For example, a television commercial needs to be shown 117 times to achieve the same reach as three commercials 40 years ago.

Unlike television commercials which are broadcast to large audiences in their homes, digital signage is narrowcast to select audiences at the point of purchase as they are reaching for their wallets. And unlike television commercials, consumers don't view digital signage advertising as an intrusion. Rather, it helps create a better shopping experience for consumers.

Digital signage is good for consumers
More than half of captive audiences in various digital signage installations report an overall better user experience, be it in the store, or on the train, or in the airport. Digital signage actually doubles message retention and brand awareness. At the right time and in the right place, consumers are happy to get more information, and businesses are generally happy to oblige.

Digital signage is good for business
Digital signage is a win-win-win opportunity for businesses. Businesses win once by selling advertising space and again by selling more products. With 2/3 of the purchasing decisions made in the store, digital signage can increase sales anywhere between 3 and 300%, depending on the item.


The Digital Advantage

Flexibility of real-time advertising and information
Digital advertising can be changed on the fly according to the time of day.

Targeted audiences
With digital signage, advertising focuses on the best potential customer: an existing one. It's much easier to convince a current customer to purchase a product that is right in front of them than to convince a new customer to come to the store.

Cost savings
Every time digital signage users change their message or campaign, they save on printing costs and processing time.

Digital advertising is more measurable than more traditional forms of advertising.

Increased sales
In-store digital signage can increase sales for most products, and generate impulse sales for products.

More educated consumers
Most consumers view informational signage as positive, which helps brand businesses as consumer oriented.


Digital Signage Market

- Banking

- Hospitality

- Retail

- Transportation

- Education

- Corporate

- Entertainment

- Health Care

- Government




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