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OfficeNet products enable you to cut your computing costs up to tenfold by sharing the untapped power of your existing PCs. Typically, only one to five percent of a PC processor's power is used at any one time. OfficeNet software, extension technology and access terminals efficiently harness this excess capacity to let up to 30 users share a single PC.

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How Does It Work?

With the OfficeNet solution, each user still has their own monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers. However, instead of connecting directly to a PC, these peripherals connect to a small OfficeNet access terminal on their desk. The access terminals then connect N15 or N20 to the terminal services software using the high-performance User extension Protocol (UXP).


The OfficeNet terminal services software divides the PC's resources into independent sessions that give each user their own full PC experience. By delivering all of the key components of the solution including the access terminal, extension technology and terminal services software, OfficeNet uniquely deliver a high performance solution at the lowest cost. Best of all, your IT staff and end users don't need special training since the end-to-end solution is very easy to setup and maintain and is compatible with standard PC applications.


1. Cost effective wireless network solution: Connect up to 10 OfficeNets per host PC at fraction of the cost versus deployment of traditional PC desktop. Simply replace old Windows desktop and plug OfficeNet to upgrade existing computing environment.

2. Field application usage: Can be used in office, training center, call center, factory, school, and cyber cafe or government field.

3. Compatibility: Runs any* Windows applications, internet browsing, games, instant messenger, email, etc.

4. Security: Complete security via encryption and password protection. With no FDD/CD Drive port, administrator can control its data-out.

5. Performance: High speed proprietary WoIP (Windows over IP) protocol which allows connections up to 1024x768x16 bit color depth with multimedia features allows up to 10 OfficeNet to function simultaneously. It also support 16 bit audio through Speaker out jack.

6. Simple to manage: Only host PC needs any maintenance or program changes. Individual OfficeNet never needs any scheduled maintenance or hardware upgrades. By upgrading one PC, all network computing capability is instantly increased with no additional software installation for others.
*Some restrictions applied such as 3D game and old legacy apps


All OfficeNet products are compatible with following Operating Systems :



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