Network Services & Technical Support

Net Synergy focuses on building network infrastructures and business systems you need to run your organization effectively and efficiently. We are ready to design, install, upgrade, and administrator your computer network and implement business applications that will run on it. We have experience with all sizes and types of networks and projects:

- Small local-area networks (LANs/ WLANs)
- Large multi-location wide-area networks (WANs)
- Firewalls and virtual private networks (VPNs)
- Corporate email, web servers, database servers, internet access
- Performance monitoring, and network security

Our network architects and systems engineers have experience designing, installing, upgrading, and troubleshooting homogeneous and heterogeneous networks utilizing all common network operating systems, including Windows 2003/NT , Novell NetWare, and Linux.

Whether you are looking for a technology partner to design your network infrastructure from ground, provide system installation and configuration services, perform a technology assessment, take care of your day-to-day administration and maintenance, develop a strategic plan, write a disaster recovery plan, manage your licenses or network resources or simply troubleshoot a problem, Net Synergy's staff can help you.

We offer several flexible support options, including full or part-time assistance, incident or project support, service/maintenance agreements. From initial design through acceptance testing and customer sign-off, our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction through-out the process of developing your solution.

System Installation & Configuration

         Provide Structured Network Data CablingWireless Network Installation

         Wireless Network Installation

         Procure and install un-interruptible power and electrical surge suppression systems

         Install routers, manageable L2/L3 switches

         Establish network security by installing and configuring a firewall

         Install server hardware

         Installation and Configuration of Novell Netware, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Microsoft NT and SUN Microsystems Operating Systems

         Installation & Implementation solution of Novell GroupWise, Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server and Lotus Domino/Note E-Mail Messaging Systems

         Ad-Hoc Services and Technical Support for Networking Troubleshooting

         Data Server Migration Services

         Configure servers for file sharing, e-mail, and database access;

         Configure back-up procedures, logging, and performance monitoring

         Connect your network to the Internet

         Install and configure new workstations

         Upgrade existing workstations

         Virtual Private Network (VPN) Implementation and Solutions

         Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions

         IT Consulting

         Disasters Recovery

         Test system performance

IT Administration & Maintenance

Once your network is up and running, Net Synergy doesn't just walk away. We want to ensure that your network continues to meet or exceed your expectations. We will support all day-to-day system/network operation and administration, including:

- Setting up accounts
- File back up and restoration
- Installing operating system patches, updates and service packs
- Equipment maintenance/upgrades
- Installing application software, patches, and upgrades
- Tuning system and network performance
- Troubleshooting network, server and workstation problems
- Security monitoring and maintenance
- Performance monitoring
- Shutdown and startup
- Help desk

By allowing our experience System Engineer to keep your computer systems working at their best, this enables your staff to have more time focusing on your core business.




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