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SMS text messaging has been proven to be one of the fastest & most effective ways in reaching out to target recipients. It is an exciting new medium with approximately 9.9 million mobile phone users in Malaysia as of the 1st half of 2003.  According to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, of this number of mobile phone users, about 1.4 billion SMS messages have been sent. This tells the potential reach of the SMS medium and the significance of SMS for everyone.

 SMS messaging is a new and additional channel for companies in almost any form of businesses. It can be used for communicating with employees, providing value added services to customers, generate commercial transactions, and of course the opportunity to gain branding image. The limitation to the usage of SMS for businesses is mainly the human imagination. SMS was initially used mostly by the teens and young adults for person-to-person messaging. It was then adopted by the brave and bold early implementers as a form of just disseminating or pushing corporate, product or promotional information to a base of contacts. Now, instead of just pushing information, more businesses see it as a means to target and compile larger databases of target customers by running what we frequently come across nowadays; the SMS campaigns such as SMS Customer Relationship Management (SMS CRM), SMS contests, SMS quizzes, etc, which boasts higher response rate and branding of the business.

More and more SMS applications are also integrated into existing corporate IT environments. It will not come as a surprise that SMS could be something of a necessity for every business as a communication channel just as voice, email or fax is.


The major driver to adopting SMS is basically its unique nature of being:

     * a highly targeted and accountable medium

    * Very cost effective

    * Very speedy and interactive

   * a highly direct and personal medium with the capability to be read     anywhere and anytime

Being in business, you have to constantly stay in touch with existing clients, suppliers, employees as well as reaching out to targeted potential clients. How can you then do so cost effectively and be absolutely sure that the message gets across? SMS is your answer!  You may now do away with using your mobile phone for sending SMS messages to multiple recipients with Net Synergy SMS/MMS services. There is so much more you can do with this service to sending SMSs as compared to using your mobile phone to doing so.

 Generate revenue with this exciting service for your SMS marketing activities!

When an SMS campaign is carried out properly, it is a very powerful communication tool

with considerable reach and awareness in meeting your purpose of:


Build up confidence level.
- Customer has better confidence level to purchase your product /            services.
- Building a trust between customers and the company.


Build awareness to public SMS Branding
- Put your company name as Sender ID to every SMS sent.
- Let customer remember your company name.


Provide convenience services to your customers
- Deliver critical information to your customer via SMS Alert.
- Integrate SMS feature into your existing system.


- Deliver motivation message to the employee.
- Deliver account balance or account information to Agent.


Run mobile marketing / promotion campaign
- Notify your customers about your new products or services.
- Deliver birthday promotion voucher to customers.


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