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Imagine a world where you never need to upgrade your client workstations again. Imagine a world where computers do as they are told, and both data and systems can be administered from one point.

Imagine, a Net Synergy thin client solution…. Imagine peace of mind.

The Net Synergy thin client solution evolves from a shift away from the complexities of the typical PC-based network. Our Thin Client technology is a response to the constant PC upgrading, frequent maintenance cycle and time consuming downtimes that have plagued companies of all sizes.

Essentially, our thin client is a "Display-only" device, meaning it displays applications that run on dedicated servers rather than on the computer. All the mission critical applications are installed on the server. Only the browser software ('the terminal display') is installed on the client. Data is processed on the server and screen images are sent from the server to the client via the network. The client then receives the information across a graphical user interface. The client receives 'refresh' screen frames that are not bandwidth intensive but high in quality.

The strengths of thin client technology are that

  • Application servers are very fast as they cope with all the processing data of the clients.

  • Installation of software - software need only be installed once, on the terminal server. This enables the same software to be used by all users.

  • Software upgrades - rather than upgrading software on hundreds of PCs simultaneously it can be upgraded just once on terminal server.

  • Hardware upgrades - like software upgrades, this need only be done when required on the terminal server. The clients never need to be upgrades, this translates into high savings for companies that need to upgrade their computers regularly.


Net Synergy thin client solution provides all the benefits of centralized computing with powerful servers and user-friendly terminals. This gives our clients the ability to run modern Windows applications without the necessity to constantly check for compatible hardware.
This is a much simpler solution to many office technology administration woes, as all your applications and data is kept in one place. Any number of people to share them by simply plugging their thin clients into the network.

In essence, this translates to:

  • Lower cost of ownership and maintenance
  • Better reliability
  • Better security
  • Remote access to all applications and data with high performance
  • Simplified end user experience


We at Net Synergy recognize the very real challenges that businesses face. We have the expertise to introduce our solution into existing organizations with minimal disruption.

Apart from all ease of administration and maintenance, security is also a central consideration. Users would never need to access the server, as such access to the will be limited to a small number of IT staff. The data transmitted from the client terminals are sent securely over the network, the terminals themselves do not contain CDROM drives or floppy drives. This reduces the vulnerabilities associated with an open PC office environment.

This solution is particularly suited to an office or education environment where there are a number of users that require access to the same type of applications and information. It can be deployed in universities, schools, corporations, Internet cafés, etc, where there are a number of users using the same types of software. The IT cost savings this solution represents will be immense.




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